Illinois Unite Against the War on Women Invites “Half-Way” to Guest Blog!

Hello, again dear readers!

“Half-Way” has been given the honor of a guest blog spot writing for Unite Against the War on Women IL, and so that will be the content of this week’s post.  (Just follow the link above to read the post in its entirety).

Women and men alike who have been watching this year’s news with eyes and hearts open can simply not deny that the ‘war on women’ is very real and ever present — in the United States as well as globally.

But what can you, the concerned citizen, do about it?  Well, a popular mantra is ‘remember in November’ — alluding to the power of our individual votes to influence policy.  Overall, however, even as politicians remain unreliable and seemingly sympathetic in election season and yet, once in office, turn a blind eye to the vulnerable populations they promised to protect, we still have our voices . . . and speech is a powerful thing.


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