We’re Moving!

“Half-Way” is going through some ch-ch-ch-changes once again and looking towards the future with a hope that, one day, we’ll actually be able to make some mo-mo-mo-money off of our work (because all writers should get paid, don’t you agree?).

With that said, we’ve made the leap and purchased our very own domain name: linked below.

Click away, my lovelies!

We’re still figuring out SEO and AdWords and Affiliate Programs (oh, my!) with the reluctance of our thoroughly Luddite sensibilities.  But no matter how “Half-Way” changes, we promise to never compromise our fabulous, feminist self!

So, here’s the important part (!): we want you lovely followers to stay with us, but if you still want to get updates when we post a new piece, you need to please, please, please subscribe to our e-mail list again on our new site.  Once again, that URL is linked below:

In case you forgot . . .

See you down the rabbit hole of official dot-com life!



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