The Carrot and the Stick: My Year With Obamacare

As regular Half-Way readers may know, I spent October 2013 through June 2014 as a temporary employee of the Lake County Health Department . . . implementing the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Even in these short 9 months (they certainly felt long enough at the time!), I collected dozens of stories that I began to compile into book format during my three months of unemployment (more on that later).

The act of writing, as many have historically noted, became in and of itself a form of therapy . . . rooting out the pain and disappointment of my time as an ACA ‘Navigator.’

But, as I’ve never been a particularly focused person (as a child, I quit more ballet and piano classes than I can count), I stagnated at 30,000 words and gave into anxiety over the seemingly insurmountable task of not only writing a full-length memoir.

Those 30,000 words nagged at me — a low-level white noise murmuring the tough questions.  I’ll spare you dear Half-Way readers the full list and focus on those that annoyingly repeated themselves most often:

  1. Would I ever be a professional writer?  Did I actually want to be a professional writer?
  2. Was blogging really writing?  Does anyone even read my blog?  Is it interesting/important enough for anyone to spend their time doing so?
  3. Would anyone be interested in these stories, a year after the fact?

So I made a decision.  With the ACA still sputtering and stalling in Year Two and a presidential election looming on the horizon, I knew that it was vital for the public to read a behind-the-scenes account of this historic legislation’s impact.

Starting today, every week on Half-Way will bring you another piece of the story.  Comment away and let us know what questions you have (nothing is too simple!).

And, as always, if you have the inclination (and the means), we appreciate any donations as well as any items bought through our Amazon Affiliates links.




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